Downtown Breakfast

Where to go for breakfast in Downtown Vancouver

I do a lot of breakfast meetings, and a lot of places don't open until 9am or 10am. And, getting a sit down / table service breakfast is actually kind of hard to find in Downtown Vancouver. Some of these places are pretty fancy (read: expensive) -- but at least they are open. This is not an exhaustive list, rather just places that I've been or would consider.

  • 6:30am Botanist - discovering this option means that I need to explore some of the other fancy downtown hotels
  • 6:30am Delta Hotel Vancouver Downtown Suites - I'm not even sure if this place has a name, but I've been meeting Lance there for years; I wouldn't recommend it for the food, but it has good service and is a quiet and private place to meet. Entrance from 555 W Hastings and then up the stairs.
  • 7am Argo Cafe - not technically "downtown" but close enough to get to pretty easily
  • 7am Brioche - there was a period of time where I did a lot of meetings here, or would even just go and sit and do some reading and writing first thing. I got addicted to the oversize Italian roast americanos. Also has a "secret" back room where you can easily gather a group of people.
  • 8am Chambar - for the quality and service, this is probably some of the best value. You can make your own breakfast out of sides.
  • 8am Deacon's Corner - greasy spoon diner with all the classics and breakfast combos
  • 8am Lost & Found Cafe - counter service, but their breakfast buns are fresh baked and awesome and you can lounge on couches and armchairs
  • 8am Catch 122 - conveniently, you get the Hive or Launch Academy wifi reaching down here
  • 8am Medina - the original breakfast / brunch place that is always busy
  • 8:30am Templeton - classic diner, not a lot of seats
  • 8:30am Twisted Fork Bistro - they are breakfast / brunch all week long, will often be full right away