Best Ramen in Vancouver

Dave Shea's list, annotated

Dave Shea's @mezzoblue listing of top ramen in Vancouver, annotated and wiki-fied.

Anything without a comment, I haven't been to.

Aside from these, ShuRaku serves ramen in an interesting but very non-traditional way. It comes in a trough, is a chicken/pork clear broth, and you can opt for grilled chicken or vegetables instead of the usual fatty pork.

Total aside: is there anywhere in Vancouver that serves Tan-men?

via @CamCavers, he tweets "Marutama has tanmen—it looks good. I’ve never ordered it myself but my mom always does when visiting."

Dave Shea's Top Ramen in Vancouver

  1. Santouka
  2. Ramenman
  3. Motomachi
  4. Marutama
  5. Jinya – My original "this is awesome" favourite. I think the first one to have a black garlic version?
  6. Ramen Butcher – The one I go to the most because of proximity to work and home.
  7. Men-no Kura
  8. Danbo
  9. Natsumi – Just opened on Commercial Drive in 2016. Very cute. (closed)
  10. Yah Yah Ya
  11. Taishoken – I really like the flavour, but I always had digestive issues after eating here, so it's on my black list.
  12. Koyuki Sapporo
  13. Gojiro – monstrous portions. So-so at best.
  14. Ben Kei
  15. Kintaro
  16. Aji Kura
  17. Touhenboku
  18. Gyoza Bar – I've had ramen here once. Mediocre.
  19. Menya – Went more often when we lived in South Granville. Had a food poisoning issue.
  20. Koika
  21. Hida Takayama
  22. Harvest – have had several of their soups. Definitely not really ramen at all, but tastier than the position here would suggest.
  23. Shogun Sapporo Ramen