Best Diners in Vancouver

Brooke @expede asked this very excellent question: what is the best diner in Vancouver?

Well, what even is a diner? What comes to mind for me is burgers and milkshakes, all day breakfast, counter seating on those round stools, maybe a jukebox.

But that's extremely American.

For Vancouver, I would say cheap and cheerful and has to be open for week day breakfast (not just brunch).

My outside of central Vancouver knowledge is limited, but here's a start.

Boris' Vancouver Diner Recommendations

From American style to hipster to Hong Kong cafes and more.

  • The Templeton - I love the mangled eggs -- brie + scrambled eggs on a croissant. Has jukebox per table and counter seating.
  • Save on Meats - Doesn't open until 9am, but does serve all day breakfast, awesome build your own burgers, and counter seating. Milkshakes.
  • Red Wagon Cafe - TarryG's suggestion is that this place is on the right side of the diner/hipster brunch place to qualify. Pulled pork. Pancakes.
  • The Elbow Room - Famous for making you get your own top ups of coffee, light abuse & banter from your servers, and making a donation if you don't finish all your food.
  • The Boss - Classic Hong Kong / Cantonese diner behind the bakery at the front of the store.
  • New Town Bakery - Cantonese diner with dim sum and steam buns. Also has a bakery up front. Counter seating.
  • Fable Diner - Fancy fresh/local take on diner food. Milkshakes.
  • Deacon's Corner - Main Street location is right across from the police station and courthouse so gets lots of business from them. Opens at 8am, has an all day breakfast, and lots of old school diner options for lunch. Haven't been to the Kits location.

Moderne Burger was a really great traditional example, including milkshakes, but it's closed. For now!

Narcity 11 Super Cool Retro Diners

  • Templeton
  • Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Bobby Sox 50's Diner - Maple Ridge
  • Sophie's Cosmic Cafe - Has been in Kits forever. Make their own hot sauce with dill in it.
  • Rocko's Diner - MIssion
  • Sunshine Diner - another long time Kits option. It's OK.
  • Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery - I would have included this except it really is an ice cream / soda shop -- no breakfast and no burger means not a diner!
  • Duffin's Donuts - a legend because of their fried chicken and tortas -- but not a diner
  • Hilltop Diner Cafe - Langley
  • Save on Meats
  • Lost In The 50's Drive-In - South Burnaby

Daily Hive Best Diners in Vancouver July 2015

  • Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Deacon's Corner
  • Save on Meats
  • Moderne Burger
  • Sophie's Cosmic Cafe
  • The Wallflower Modern Diner
  • The Red Wagon
  • The Templeton
  • Big Dogs Mobile Diner