2016-11-13 November 13th, Ramen for Breakfast

We were over in Victoria for the Remembrance Day long weekend, visiting Darren & Kirsti at their new house.

On Saturday night we picked up a pre-made Duck Ramen Broth[1] from The Village Butcher, plus a Smoked Duck Breast from the next door Whole Beast deli.

Bok choy and bean sprouts completed the ramen base. Then we were lucky enough to find that I Kyu Noodles in Chinatown sell fresh ramen noodles. The broth was good, but actually needed some salt and other finishing. I put in some sesame oil, salt, and a bit of rice wine vinegar. We added more seasonings to our individual bowls - regular or mushroom soy sauce, crushed chiles, or a bit more salt.

Here’s the finished bowl:

Duck Ramen Bowl

Also, I found out when making the ramen noodles two things. One, that they’re sold in a bag that contains 6 “balls” of noodles, and two, 8 noodle servings for 4 people is way too much.

Thus, ramen for breakfast!

We defrosted turkey sausages in a big cast iron pot, then added leeks and celery, a knob of butter, salt, ground sage, and some piri-piri chilli powder.

This was cooked for 20 minutes covered, until the leeks & celery were soft.

Then we added in the leftover ramen, piled the turkey sausages on top, and broiled on low until the sausages were crisping, flipped them and crisped the other side.

Served with an overeasy egg on top and hot sauce as desired. The smokiness of Chipotle Tabasco was particularly good.

  1. Yes, I made this wiki right after this trip, and so it's the Duck Ramen Wiki ↩︎